About The Krutch

Each Krutch is handmade from quality dried bamboo, cut to the perfect length for you to use with freshly rolled product or with ends. The knot at the mouth end is a natural fire shield, and bamboo is naturally fire-resistant, making for a cool, easy inhale. It is extremely durable and feels good in your hand, with no taste of bamboo. Bamboo has been used by the Choctaw and other Indian tribes for peace pipes for centuries. The Krutch is the latest iteration of an old custom.

Inside each handy retro metal carrying case, you will find the following:

  • • A beautiful velvet pouch that feels great in your hands as well as being a nice, soft container for the entire kit
  • • One handmade bamboo Krutch that is 2.5″ long
  • • One wire cleaner
  • • One mini plastic bag for scent-free travel.

You can choose between a Jumbo or Regular Krutch. The Jumbo has been designed for fatter rolled product and bigger ends. The Regular is for everything else.

In addition, if you order one size and decide you want the other instead, you can send your Krutch back to us with a dollar bill and we will happily send you the other size.

Carry this entire kit with you in the metal case or even just in the velvet bag.